Thursday, December 2, 2010

NetBeans » How to stop the debugger from pausing on the first line

If you try to debug your Yii application with Netbeans, it will pause on the first line for every request, which is incredibly annoying. Here's how to turn that "feature" off:

In Netbeans (6.9.1 on Windows anyways):

Menu bar > Tools > Options > PHP > Debugging > Stop at First Line (uncheck)


  1. This is the reason I switched to PDT I didnt know this :). Thanks but having some issue with PDT because time to time debugging is not working and PDT doesn't attach to server, don't know why, but suspect it happens after when application crashes due to some logic error like null references, Is there such issue with NeyBeans?

  2. Other reason was not showing local variables when debugging, but that fixed with latest Xdebug release, Can you post a article on how to configure debugging NetBeans or PDT step by step with PHP.INI changes

  3. Thank you! The stopping on index was driving me nuts. I don't know why this would be turned on by default.