Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What to install

This post describes the common software tools that I recommend for developing with Yii.

1. You need PHP, a web server such as Apache, and likely a database server such as MySql. You can install them individually, or use a package such as WAMP or XAMPP. I recommend XAMPP, because you can't uninstall WAMP.


2. You'll want an IDE, such as Netbeans or Eclipse PDT. I prefer Netbeans as it's simpler and faster.


[You'll need Java installed to run the above IDEs]

3. You'll want the xdebug debugger for PHP:


4. If your apps will send emails, then I'd recommend PHPMailer:


5. If you are planning on doing test-driven development (and you should), then you'll want PHPUnit and Selenium.



6. And obviously the Yii framework!

If you're on Windows, then you may need 7-zip to open the Yii .gz installer file.


You should also read this, to setup code completion in Netbeans:


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